Bindow is renewed
Bindow is renewed

Bindow is renewed


With a fortnight struggling with server migrations and debugging on connection errors, bindow has finally renewed to a new server for another exciting year! In the following year, I may not publish articles as quickly as I did last year, but I will endeavor to share my thoughts and memories.
Sometimes it’s hard to recollect the pearls of memories and hard to move the boulders of knowledge. I bet you feel the same.

Some enhancements/downgrades

  1. I’m not sure what goes wrong with the OSS storage, so by the moment, I shut it down. This change won’t incur any issues, hopefully.

  2. I’m considering adjusting/changing the whole interface of bindow to make it look more flatten and modern, but now it’s optional. Maybe you’ll find a new front page next day or never 😉

  3. The GIF is always a problem, and I’m working on it to make it usable.

So say bye, see you in the next article!



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