For Bindow
For Bindow

For Bindow

I just put records here on a platform, I don’t push you to navigate the website. Unlike other writers, they take advantage of the high accessibility of information and the little control of readers when they confront info flows. The ultimate target for all public writers is, at first, to influence many readers they can with their article. Then they are able to win whether fame or money, sometimes more dangerous — power or trend. When one can control the trend, h\s got major votes to carry out things whatever wanted. Or, in a normal case, inaccurate and emotional info would be a weapon for readers to suppress oppositions(even centrists).

Bindow, I just tell you things you never heard before, try not to believe any words I said when you are not clear enough.

I want to share, but somehow I can’t let me do that, cause the forces push me back and forth and squash me. In the mix, I have to have you to be the one to be a so-called ‘listener’.

We assume story has plots. But is my life a story? What’s going here?



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